【Is no gream as same as daed?】

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1886.jpgI'm sorry 1883-san! I'm trying but FTP isn't working ( TДT).330KB
1885.pngclick home>kolymabbs30KB
1883.mp4implement the css, admin-san!5.91MB
1882.jpgi was trying to upload a 5mb video to this board14KB
1880.jpgIt works for me... is it a specific user board that's broken?106KB
1879.pngI was able to upload an mp4 1878-san, I'll check the userboards.8KB
1878.gifwhy cant i upload an mp4 video? the userboards are broken too, admin-san pls fix1014KB
1877.jpgWoah I didn't know you could do it with CSS, I thought I would have to change the way the PHP generated the HTML. Thanks 1876-san!25KB
1876.cssadmin-san, its easy! i did it for you87B
1874.mp4It isnt so hard admin-san, just some simple css!36922777B
1873.jpgI'll try my best 1868-san but it seems hard...99KB
1872.pngkaptcha glitch21KB

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